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.f - announced.thh "real-clear" shows president bbrack obama - with a light lead over governor mitt romney.3 of the polls in the avvrage... show including the most recent poll... actually show the rrce these final hours are crucial for the presidential candidatess.. as they present campaign traal.ts on the "does rrising taxes put people to workk (no!) how about his doessthat help small lations, - businesses? (nn!) how about his plan to require companies to have unions whether the employees want to vote for thee or not -- card check, does that create jobs??(no!)) you passed the test.""and if you're willing to ork withhme agaai, and knock on ssme doors with me, makeesome phonn calls por me, turn outtat the polls for me, we'll win wisconsin, we'll win this election. " "the candidates will continue to reach out to americans as they cast theii votes. president obama wwll dd interviews throughout the day from chicago... and romney will make appearances in pittsburgh, pennsylvania and cleveeand, ohho. election day is not whaa it used to be. instead of one day for millions to cast their votes
of each other other shootings as well on 3unday..- presiddnt obama and mitt romney are makinn one last tomorrow's elections. elections.the president has stops scheduled today n key including wissonsin, ioww, and chicago... where he's planninn to spend election night. republican challenger mitt romney is expecteddto make appearances in florida, virginia and new hampshire today.he'll watch the returns in boston. this all omes after a veey busy weekend for both candidates. you can choose to reeurn to crashee ourreconomy, or you pcn join me in building a fuuure that focusesson a strong nd growing middle class. class.channe is not meassred in words and speeches. ccange reeord.a c-n-n / o-r-c- ecord. &prace at a dead heat.. 49-pprcent oo likely voters say they support the president and the same number say they back the formmr governor of mmssachusetts. he ravens are back in the win column!! ... but barely beatiig the browns is not the comeback moss fans were lookinggfor. let's go to plevelann browns stadium, where it looked like this pirst.the ravees start first. pierce with is fiis
election ii - paraak obama. talk about a thoughtful pundit. aafer fox commentator dr. chaales krauthammerrjoked... so as a psychiatristti will offfr to wwitt preecriptionn for anybody whh needssthem right now. but obama supporters were ecstattc. cnn even cut away to some in eeya. speeking of which....what woull an election night be without a romney's loss, trump ttweted this election is a total sham and travesty...we should have a revolution in this ountry which prompted nbc's brian williams to launch his zinger. dooald trump who has driven well past the last exit to reeevance..the exit for mitt romney was ohho, but after foxx ews called ohio for obama, the network's oon beett known commentator objected... we gotta be careffl bout callinggthings. that's awkward once karl roveequestionee the caal by fox's decisiinndesk, megyn kelly walled back there. go... e're actually quite n - mosttflak was abc's diane sawyer. ok can we have music &pbecause ttis is another big pne here ... viewers thought her delivery was strange...."'ll have what diane sswyer is having tweeted singer
's targeting black mmn... is because of a 72-percent increase in gayyand bisexual h-i-v in city clinics. obama... yfor president - about 3 hours from now... he's about the economy... in a statement from the east room. it's a chance for the newly re- some of the big issues facing washinggon... including stavvng off the so-called also serves to outlineethe president's priorities mooiig forward. 3 are making sure their students know today... how importaat it ssrved. joel d. ssith is seev. liveeat gerstell accdemy where leadership is taught everrday, 3 3 3 special offers for men and women in uniform... this veteran's dayy offering a complimentary entree from a special menu. complimentaryyappeeizerr... pnd longhorn steakhouse is offerinn a complimentaay alcohooic bevvragg. on--- veterans nd active-ddty military need to show ppoof of service... ffr theespecial offers. we have two very special additions today... to our fox45 famiil.our mornnng show director... karen burress... gave birthhto twin boos thursday morning. morning.on the left... yoo're looking at hugh the fourrh..e came into th
upstairss upstairs.the woman s in critical ccnditton this ps still under investiiation. 3president obama will holddhis first press conference since his re-election. eleccion.he'll have a "q and a session" wwth members of the press assigned tt the white house..likell o be topics... the fiscal cliff... and the c-i-a shake up... innlight of general patreaus' affair. the meningitis outtreak that's killed 32 peopll nationwide and sickened hunnreds is he foccs of a house hearing in pharmacy n-e---c inn injections nowwconnected to the deadly outbreakklawmakers say their goal is to figure out who knew what -- and when. n-e-c-c's owner, the f-d-a ccmmissioner and massachusetts state board officials are all expected to testify. outlining plans to open tablee . gamessa news onfeeence will be held later todaa.ooficialsl will be discussing how tte casino floor will be peconfigured to fit more than 125 table games. maryland voters aaproved the gambling expansion tt allow abbe gamms last wwek. victoria's secret is apologizing today... for a fashioonfauxxpas at iis annual &pfashion show in nnw yor
to president obama's re-eleccion. done ttrrugh an open forum section oo white-house-ddt- gov... which allows citizens to create petitions bout offfcial rrsponse from he white house... if they reach signaturrss marylann'ss petition for secession was created on monday... and now signatures.-thousand - 16:49 f maryland were to become its own counttry it's countty, and i wouldn't likk i think that the united states &pof aaerica is the greatest &pcountry in the world ann it's that way because it's united states, so it should probabll stay united states laughs 58 58maryyann'sspetition remains aboutt23-thoosand signatures short of the 255thousand mark. some may hink maryland leavvng the united ssates is an interesting idea... but thh sttte would take a áhugeá hit because of how tted maryland &pis to he federal government. governmmnt.maryland is the country's 3rd biggest recipient of federal money per capita.the only states head hundred-thousand residents are if e left theeu-s... they'd eas be looking for a ob. job.maryland also receives a lot of money for ressarch. johns hopkinssuniversi
feel like barack obama is right that we're moving forward.. or is mitt romney right that pe're not moving forward, ww're movvng in the wrong direc" direccion."the number of jobs added in october was above 125- thousand jobsss... of - korean autooakers are under fire today... for overstating gas mileage on mmst of heir moddls.they're accused of adding between 1 too6 miles per gallon... tt cars like hyundai and kia.tte e-p-a says it misseads poteetial customers into buying their &pcars... thinking they'll gett &pmore miles to the gallon. pay back customers.experts say it could amount to 88-ddllarr perrcustomer. 3 emerge out of new jersey... of the devastation caused by hurricane sandy. sandy.of all the damage een along the east coast... these images arr amonggthose thatt stand out the most for so many &pamericans.take a look at iconic roller oasttr... left &pdesttoyed. "this is heartbreaking i livedd it is devastttiig" deeastatinn"we also hear...thee also been damaged nd needss a recall todaa....involving &pwegmans stores.thh company says it may be cootaminated with e--
baltimore... megan? 3 3 3&megaa? 3 ááaddib obama wonááthe voterr have spoken... but they are not done talking. oel d. smith is liie at jimmy's in fells point toosee whhch decisionssare getttng the mosttattention this morning .... and to find out how yourrlives will change good morning joel d. d. 3 &p 3 supporters of quustion 6 madee history... in hat wassa very close race. reeeiied approvvl last niggt... with about 52-percent of the vote.with this pecision... maryyand becomes one of the first staaessin the ccuntty tt approve same sex marriage at the ballot boox (((2:37:07:50)) who i want to thank moot of all are the blessing and priviiege of ssrving for many years..the people oo md. tte people who understand who nderstand we're all in thii togetherr... more faii soc" society." samm sex marriiae was also approveddin maine llat night. marylann voters arrowly approved question 7... which expands gambllng to table gamms... and cclls for a sixth casino in prince george's ccunt. couuty.suppprtersssay they vottd ffr the balllt qqestion... in order to keep &pmaryland gamblers fr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8